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by governor christie. the president told the people there in his words, we're going to be here for the long haul. >> it was back to school today for most of the students in our area. many kids from maryland to virginia returned to classes. a few schools remained closed because of lingering power outages. >> some of the worst damage we've seen has been along the new jersey shore. tonight, we have a report from kingsburg, new jersey. the police there say about 70% of that area is under water. jim ronfield has our report from there. jim? >> reporter: kingsburg is on a long list tonight of bayshore communities in crisis. a little progress to report about that water you referenced. we've seen it receding here on beachway. a lot of debris left behind and this storm has left behind scars to last a lifetime. three days post sandy and kingsburg, new jersey is still like other bayshore communities -- in crisis mode. roads still have standing water, sand and debris. homes bear fresh scars of the sudden invasion. >> i didn't believe the destruction. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: emotions, raw at the
to governors is, staunch romney sport new jersey's chris christie has. >> president has been outstanding in this. the folks at fema have been excellent. >> reporter: the female director looked ahead to next tuesday. offering federal assistance, generators and the like to states where polling places might still lack power. mitt romney was in ohio, not to talk issues. to collect cans. mitt romney backers brought food for new jersey. >> and i appreciate your generosity. it is part of the american spirit. the american way to give to people who are in need. >> reporter: mr. romney had argued in a primary debate for disaster relief to be shifted to the state. even to nongovernment charities. would he kill fema? no answer today. >> reporter: the romney spokesman said the former governor believes states are in the best position to direct from the federal government. tomorrow president obama joins high profile republican governor chris christie for a tour of new jersey damage. political opponents brought together by the superstorm. >>> we are learning about an amazing story of survival that up fo
'm happy to be able to stand here and complain about it. >> reporter: governor christie insists this is more of a power than supply issue. which he said will ease once power has restored. he has pressed utility company executives to speed up after they said it would be eight to ten days before power is restored. jim rosenfield, news4. >> eight to ten days they're going to be waiting, jim? do they have a plan to try to make that work out better? >> reporter: governor christie didn't like that at all. so he got these utility company executives together with fema and said, give us a list, what do you need. so they gave them a list and compiled numbers of utility workers they needed from other states. 1,500 will be coming from virginia. thousands in all. so many, they'll be housed at fort monmouth in the next 24 to 48 hours to speed up that process. >> eight to ten days, it also takes it past election day. what about voting? >> reporter: they've got a plan for that, too, doreen. the department of defense will have trucks outside polling places around new jersey where there is no pow
: and more help is on the way. after governor christie urged the utilities to speed up restoration. thousands of crews from other states are now descending on the region. the first of 1,500 from virginia domminian set out from national harbor this morning. the largest out of state deployment ever mobilized by that company. >> most of the customer base is extremely grateful. we do derive a lot of satisfaction out of that. you get children holding up signs and stuff like that. it's fantastic. hopefully we'll run into the same thing out there. and i'm sure we will. we're there to help. along with practically every other utility on the eastern seaboard. >> reporter: even with that extra help that house you're looking at there is still dark tonight. the best estimate for restoring power to all of the kuchts served by pse & g here in 14 counties, within the coming week. that's the latest from essex fells, new jersey tonight. jim rosenfield, news 4. jim and dor yeerngs back to you. >> a lot of those people are just going to have to keep waiting. >> they're having a terrible time. thanks, jim. >> our
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4